About Us

The Berry Growers of Ontario (BGO), a provincial organization regulated by the Farm Products Marketing Act, represents blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry growers by funding industry promotion, research activities and educational events for the benefit of its members. BGO is active in all facets of the berry industry from wholesale and retail to pick-your-own and on-farm markets on behalf of its approximately 200 members.  BGO also works closely with the Agribusiness value chain with current farm gate value for fresh Ontario berries estimated in excess of $40 million annually.


Our website, ontarioberries.com, has been specifically created to serve as a “go to” source for Ontario berry consumers demanding fresh berries of the highest quality and flavour. Here you will find everything you need to know about buying, eating, and enjoying local, farm-fresh Ontario Berries. The ontarioberries.com website provides up-to-date information on the availability of local berries throughout Ontario.  Looking for a Pick Your Own Farm or On-Farm Market in your area?  Look here first.


Local, field-grown berries can now be enjoyed from May until October. Your local growers are using new growing techniques to serve up flavourful, fresh Ontario berries for five months of the year. And recently, Ontario greenhouses began selling greenhouse-grown strawberries with great success, providing local strawberries to Ontario consumers year-round.


Local Ontario strawberries, raspberries and blueberries available 12 months of the year?  Follow ontarioberries.com to be the first to know.


Our Vision

To provide consumers with current, reliable information about Ontario’s thriving local berry market, and to support Ontario berry grower efforts to increase the availability of fresh, flavourful Ontario-grown berries throughout the year.


Our Mission

We will work with growers and customers to ensure a healthy, satisfying local berry-eating experience.

We will return exceptional value to our growers by focusing on the needs that contribute to their success.