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Business Information of Richmond Nursery Berry Farm

Richmond Nursery grows a variety of annuals, perennials, vegetables and seasonal plants which are distributed through the City of Ottawa and surrounding area.

We have been growing strawberries since 1959 and pride ourselves on prioritizing the taste and wellbeing of our plants over yield.

Our growing methods respond to the needs of the plant and emphisize quality over quantity. We strive for sustainable and responsible growing methods often using older or unconventional routines to grow our crops.

Products & Services of Richmond Nursery Berry Farm

Strawberries: Due to various factors including reduced plant establishment caused by the extreme heat and drought of 2020 and the frost events in May 2021, the pick-your-own field will remain closed for the season.

We continue to harvest fresh pre-picked berries which are available on-site though the season.

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5740 Old Richmond Road, Richmond, K0A 2Z0  
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